Caribbean Stud Poker

This five-card stud game is played with one deck. At Online Gambling Casino, the perk of this game is that there are two ways to win!

First, winnings can come from Caribbean Stud Poker. In this game, the player puts an ante (small sum) on the table. The player is dealt a hand of five cards and the dealer gives himself five cards as well. The dealer’s last card is placed face up. That way, the player can see the value of the dealer’s one face up card and consider it against the value of his five cards. At this point, the player decides to fold or bet.Caribbean Stud Poker

With a fold, the player’s hand and ante is given to the dealer. A new hand will then begin. By choosing to bet, the player has to put money on the table that is twice the value of the ante. He will then compare his hand to that of the dealer.

Then the dealer will show the player his cards. The dealer must have Ace, King or higher in his hand in order to qualify. If the dealer’s hand does not qualify and the player beats the dealer, the dealer will return the player’s bet and ante, plus odds, which will equal the value of your hand as winnings. When the dealer has a qualifying hand and the player beats the dealer, the player will win an equal value to his ante. The bet will be paid out at odds to the value of the player’s hand.

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Caribbean Stud Poker Bonus Payout Schedule

1 – 1 1 Pair or less
2 – 1 2 Pair
3 – 1 3 of a Kind
4 – 1 Straight
5 – 1 Flush
7 – 1 Full House
20 – 1 4 of a Kind
50 – 1 Straight Flush
100 – 1 Royal Flush

This bonus cannot be more than the table’s maximum payout. Player receives even money (1:1) when dealer does not have at least Ace and King. If dealer’s cards beat player’s cards, dealer collects ante and bet.